Nov 16, 2020

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College Life Before and After COVID-19

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Every other region is affected by the pandemic, COVID. The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the higher education system that differs in every country worldwide and has its own specifics in different world regions. Nevertheless, the Pandemic caused the universities and students to face challenging situations, compelling them to adjust to the current events with immediate effects. Universities spent significant funds for accelerated digitalization.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that the educational institutions’ environment also has changed, which has a tremendous effect on students’ lives. Everything that was taken for granted before is now being cherished. Sitting in the cafeteria, hugging your friends, or something as small as shaking hands is a luxury now. The ways of showing love for others have changed; now, you don’t hug them to show it. Rather, you don’t do it to tell them that they are valued. Many believe that campus life will never be the same as before, and rightly so.

College Life before COVID-19

Lesson Learnt By Students during Pandemic

Spending Valuable Time with Family

College Life after the Lockdown is Lifted

Rethinking Career Plans

Problems after the Pandemic